Co-accredited certificates

Certificate programs tailored to your need

ISC Paris Executive Education department builds and deploys certified training programs adapted to business issues.

In this case our department provides project engineering (setting goals, building programs), animation, training and support for interns.

Principles of our co-branded certificates for companies

Complete cycles of training. Each program, custom designed, includes

  • From 4 to 10 modules according to the companies
  • 8 days to 20 days according to the certificates

A professional project to achieve

Based on a real problem within the company, the implementation of the project is the subject of a defense facing a mixed jury of company managers and trainers experts from ISC Paris Business School.

This project can be collective or individual from ISC Paris Business School coaching experts.

The label of a business school associated with vocational training

  • Its diploma is recognized and endorsed by the Ministry of Education
  • ISC Paris Business School is a member of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles
  • ISC Paris Business School recruits after preparatory classes. A powerful lever of human resource mobilization
  • This type of approach marks the ambition and commitment of the company management for its employees
  • Obtaining a company certificate labeled “Grande École” is a well-recognized asset