Master Grande École Full English Program

Courses are based on an educational conception stimulated by observations and analysis of best practices in the teaching of advanced level management studies. It focuses on the major learning themes that complement each other and interact in order to build up learning synergies, helping you to develop your skills and career plans.

A three year Master program

The 1st year, you will acquire the general business knowledge required to build up your study plans.

The 2nd year will give you all the fundamental keys management concepts in the business field and the opportunity to choose some pre-specialization courses and subsidiary options, either in France or abroad, in one of our partner universities.

For the 3rd year, you will have to choose between a specialization track on our campus in Paris or abroad according to your career plan.

For the 3rd year, you can choose from the following specializations:

  • Innovation in European Business
  • International Business & Management

International Business Development Manager
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