Message from the Dean

A Grande Ecole with Purpose

Henry Buzy-Cazaux

Henry Buzy-Cazaux, Dean at ISC Paris Business School

We no longer question the importance of Grande Ecole Business Schools. The proof is in the academic excellence or more specifically the link with the professional world. These are often enough to come to this conclusion. In this regard, ISC Paris holds its ranks with academics of the highest level, and professors who hold leadership positions in the scientific community and are recognized nationally and internationally. Obtaining the AACSB is proof of this. The employability of our alumni are equally a sign that we know how to efficiently prepare our students for remarkable career paths, in all functions of the company and in all sectors.

However, these are not our only assets. We esteem that we owe our students more than viaticum for a successful career. We also owe them finding a sense of purpose, in order for their professional lives to be content. At ISC, the intensity and diversity of our associations open the energies and the will for entrepreneurship, with both individual and collective responsibility. The concept of Student Entrepreneurship was born at ISC Paris. The school is driven towards commitment and enthusiasm far beyond the certainty of an enviable position in the job market. ISC invented over half a century ago, pedagogy by real action and permits all of our students to learn by discovery, and to forge their own life project. We give benchmarks, guides, and we don’t confine personalities with codes nor shackles. Driving our students to reveal their talents, is the aim of ISC Paris.

A successful career holds undoubtedly with acquired skills and knowledge. ISC Paris endows it’s graduates with exigency. We also know that only the happiness to forge one’s identity and to mark everything with one’s imprint, allows our graduates to have the necessary will to go far. Voila our sense of what a Grande Ecole Business School is: a place which helps people reveal their assets, to give their lives a sense of purpose of their own and not others. ISC is a Grande Ecole which trains each graduate to be the leader of their professional paths. This is the reason we never really leave them, and we wear this with pride.