Meet Viraj Shah, M.Sc. in Luxury Marketing Student from India

Please introduce yourself, where you are from and why you chose to come to Paris and in particular ISC Paris:

Viraj Shah


I am Viraj Shah from India, I am currently studying in the M.Sc. Luxury Marketing program. The reason I chose to study in Paris is because of its vibrant culture, and the rich and aesthetic visuals this city has to offer.  I chose to study at ISC Paris, because of the flexibility it gives to international students, the quality of the teaching and the professors. The academic and student life at ISC are simply brilliant.

What has been your favorite part of the program so far?

Currently, I am in the first semester of the program. My favorite part has been the practical application of the modules learned in class. We are learning key information which will be useful upon entering the professional world.

How has it been adjusting to life in Paris?

Every day is a new experience for me at this moment. Interacting with Parisians on a daily basis has helped me to learn more about French culture.

What are your goals upon graduating from the program?

My primary goal is to have my own business in the Luxury sector. But as it requires experience, I would like to work in the industry for a while until I garner the necessary experience.

Any advice for others who are looking to study in Paris?

My advice to anyone looking to study in Paris is to have good knowledge of the French language because it will be a necessity here. Also, Paris has a lot to offer once you get here, but you have to be the one taking initiative. So, if you plan to come to Paris, stop wishing and make it happen, you won’t regret it.

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