Meet Patrick CUNA, MBA in Luxury Marketing Student from the Philippines

Patrick Cuna

Please introduce yourself, where you are from and why you chose to come to Paris and in particular ISC Paris ?

My name is Patrick Cuna and I am from Manila in the Philippines. I am currently a student in the MBA Luxury Marketing program. I worked at Louis Vuitton back home where I obtained experience in general management support, retail operations and merchandising. I moved to Paris to pursue a bigger dream, and that is to work for the best global luxury companies. I chose ISC Paris, because of its city-center location, international student environment and strong alumni force. 

What has been your favorite part of the program so far?

I would say the dual program between ISC Paris and Mod’Art International for our Luxury classes has been the best experience so far. This opportunity gave my fellow students and I a larger perspective and foundation about the fashion business and aesthetics.  

How has it been adjusting to life in Paris?

It has been a whirlwind experience, but overall unique and irreplaceable. It takes an average of 3 months to get fully immersed with life here, and you have to be open-minded and well-rounded to survive and succeed. Paris is an unending checklist — there are tons of restaurants to try, museums to visit, and nightlife to explore. Paris is definitely a charming city, and it has everything to offer that you cannot miss!

What are your goals upon graduating from the program?

After completing my upcoming internship at LVMH, I would like to pursue a career within the group and learn from the industry experts focusing on retail development, operations and management. In the long term, I see a future in developing luxury business markets in Asia — there is so much potential and demand, especially with an amalgamate of global luxury brands (across all business categories) expected to emerge within the next 5 years. 

Any advice for others who are looking to study in Paris? 

One thing, study French! It will definitely bring you places. 

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