Meet International Bachelor Student Ashlee Braxton!

What are you currently studying (program, specialization) and what made you decide to come to ISC Paris?

Ashlee BraxtonMy name is Ashlee BRAXTON and I originally from the USA. I am currently in the first year of the Bachelor in International Business program at ISC Paris. I look forward to studying marketing and communications. I decided to come to ISC Paris because of the English International Track.

What has been your favorite part of the program so far?

So far, I have really enjoyed the classes and learning new things. The professors are really great and extremely talented.  I also really enjoyed meeting new people from different cultures. I actually met my best friend here!

How has it been adjusting to life in Paris?

Paris is such a diverse city, there are a lot of cultures and languages here. The winters are COLD, but in the spring and summer, it’s beautiful.

What are your goals upon graduating from the program?

After graduating the program, I look forward to furthering my career in the field of Business Marketing. I would love to travel and find a job in another country.

Any advice for others who are looking to study in Paris?

Bring a jacket, its cold in the winters. Nah just kidding! Be ready for anything. Have an open mind and most importantly, learn all you can while having fun!

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