Fragrances & Cosmetics Spotlight

Yi Min CHNGPlease introduce yourself, where you are from and why you chose to come to Paris and in particular ISC Paris

My name is Yi Min CHNG. I am from Malaysia. I chose to study in France, as France is the capital of perfume. I chose ISC Paris because it is the only school which offers a program which focuses on both scientific and business aspects for Fragrances and Cosmetics.  I have always been passionate about perfumery. Hence, I decided to join the Fragrances and Cosmetics program at ISC Paris in partnership with the ISIPCA School of Perfumery.

What has been the most memorable part of the program so far?

This program allows us to learn from professionals in this industry. The most memorable part for me was the Fil Rouge project. We created a concept of combining jewelry with fragrances through co-branding which involves customizing perfume. The Fil Rouge project is where we could put everything we learned in theory into something practical. 

Can you tell us more about your internship?

I am currently a Marketing and Scent Design Manager intern at International Flavors and Fragrances Greater Asia Pte. Ltd (IFF) located in Singapore. I am on the personal wash team, working on a brand knowledge book which involves tracking product launches and global product line ups with a focus on marketing insight.

What are your goals upon graduating from the program?

I aim to work on a fragrance creation team, creating fragrances which are inspired by nature, while also inspiring consumers.

 What have you learned in this program and why would you recommend it to others?

At ISC Paris, we get to learn more about brand and marketing strategies through class visits to perfume museums and boutiques. This helps us to get in touch with the industry and gives us an overview of different roles in the industry. We also have a lot of case studies which encourage us to think critically and think ahead. This MBA program is a perfect mix between science and marketing. While I aim to create fragrances that are inspiring, I learned that brand strategy is equally important. The connection between consumers’ wants and needs, their emotions, and how to create added value are things I am still constantly learning on my journey of achieving my goals.

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