Before coming to France: Student Visa

Foreign students staying in France more than three months must have a Student Visa delivered by the French representatives in their home country (Embassy, Consulate).

Only the residents of the following countries do not need a visa:

Countries part of the European-Union,

Countries that have subscribed to an agreement within the European economic area: Finland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden as well as the following states: Andorra, Monaco, Saint Marin, Saint Siege, Switzerland.

The admission transcript can enable students to obtain a Student Visa (ask the French services in your country for more information).

Without a Student Visa, students will be allowed to stay on the French territory only for the period covered by the consular visa.

Please remember that you are responsible for complying with French laws regarding residence.

After your arrival: “Demande d’attestation OFII”

The Student Visa is a stamp in your passport. As the Consulate in your home country delivers your Student Visa, you will be given a form called “Demande d’attestation OFII” that you will need to bring to Christelle DOMBASI at the ISC Paris Business School.

International Department fully completed. This is one of your first priorities after arrival.

Besides being a legal requirement, it is essential to give you access to beneficiate such as housing assistance.

Compulsory Medical Visit

You will be invited to a compulsory medical visit where you will need to bring the following documents:

  • Passport
  • ID photo (head uncovered)
  • Proof of address in France: rent receipt (“quittance de loyer”), gas, electricity, water or land-line bill (“facture”), letter from someone letting you stay at his/her place (“attestation d’hébergement”).
  • 58 euros stamp

During the medical visit, a sticker will be given to you in your passport to finalize the Student Visa procedure.

The following only concerns students who study in France for a full academic year.

Any person living in France may apply (whatever his/her nationality or family situation) for a Financial Housing Benefit (“A.P.L.”= Allocation Pour le Logement).

It will be determined according to the financial resources of the people living in the accommodation, their age and the price of rent.

Where to apply

Apply on-line to the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (C.A.F.) on:

Fill-in the student file print it, join the documents required* and send it to the given address. This application is dependant of the CAF (Social Service Office) where the accommodation is located (district or town).

*Documents required:

  • RIB (Relevé d’Identité Bancaire) delivered by your French Bank
  • Copy of your stamped visa or European ID card
  • Birth certificate translated in French and certified by a notary

Waiting time:

An answer takes 3 to 6 weeks after application. You can’t apply for this if:

  • You don’t have a stamped visa and need one
  • You sub-rent a place (except if the landlord accepts to give you a housing certificate “Attestation d’hébergement”)
  • You don’t have a French bank account

International Exchange Student HandbookClick here to download the International Exchange Student Handbook