Discover and study in Paris during summer




Paris is a historical, highly colorful, intensely cultural, and dynamic city. From Montmartre to the Eiffel Tower, via the Louvre, the Champs-Elysées and the boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris has a blend of many flavors.

Paris, City of Light, reveals multiple faces, for you to discover throughout your stay, by day, as well as by night… Via its museums, monuments, bars, bistros, concert halls, theatres and exhibitions, you will be totally immersed in the very heart of its cultural diversity.

Get ready! Paris is swarming with fun, amazing and impressive events and festivals: la Nuit Blanche, the photography month, music festivals, Paris Beach and book fairs, theatre festival and Paris Jazz Festival punctuate the pace and rhythm of Parisian life, with its exciting sounds and images.

The French capital is a city open to the outside world via international and European transportation networks. Selecting Paris for your studies is choosing to live in the very heart of Europe. Paris is ideally situated as a base from which to explore and visit Berlin, Krakow, Geneva, Brussels, Barcelona, Roma, London, Seville, Naples, Riga, Zagreb, and other cities.