International students campus life


While in Paris, you will be exposed to the diversity of the city and to French culture. In order to guide you, the International Department works closely with the Cosmopol junior enterprise.

Cosmopol is one of the 18 ISC Paris Junior Enterprises. Their job is to help international students with administrative steps (accommodation, insurance…). They also help international students to discover Paris, its Monuments, museums, etc.


Whenever and whatever the need, someone from the International Office or Cosmopol will help you find solutions to your issues.

“Cosmo makes all the students feel like home. Thank you for all.” Andrea Martinez Fernandez Universidad de Léon – Spain


  1. Welcome – Pick-up service: from airport, train station…

  • Administrative assistance: formalities
  • Help with housing search
  • Daily presence at the International Office and at Cosmopol
  1. Integration – buddy evenings:

Have your own “ISC Paris student angel”

  • Day-trips out: experience a weekend in a French place of interest, such as “Mont Saint Michel”, “the vineyard route” and more.
  • “Erasmus Parties”: parties for international students.
  1. Share your culture with ISC Paris Business School students during international events:

  • International fair: be the ambassador of your home university and give information to students wishing to go abroad.


The 18 non-profit Junior Enterprises are at the heart of ISC Paris Business School and distinguish us from other schools. No other institution in France offers as many services covered by junior enterprises. They are part of the pedagogical system of the school because of the hands-on experience they give to students. Junior Enterprises are comparable to small companies. Students have the same opportunities to create and develop projects and to evolve as in a real company. Each institution has a company framework with a president, a communication department, a financial manager…
As one of our students said: “Being a member of a non-profit Junior Enterprise is being part of a family.” As an international student, you can be part of an ISC Paris Business School non-profit Junior Enterprise.


“I really enjoyed my experience as a member of the association YOUR.
All the members were very friendly, the General Secretary was very helpful and explained me a lot about the activities and work of the association. I participated in the regional Congress debate, it was a great experience. I was part of areal team and it felt amazing. I was proud of my association when I saw how they organized the conference with Francois Fillon, the past French prime minister.”
Olga Borkovskaya – Girne American University – Cyprus

International Exchange Student HandbookClick here to download the International Exchange Student Handbook